Rainforest Night Discovery
Rainforest Night Discovery
Discover the hidden treasures of Mat Chinchang rainforest in Langkawi. Experience one of the most ancient rainforests on this tropical island with a 1.5 mile (2 km) round-trip guided nature walk through the dense, dark forest.
Highlights :
  • See flying lemurs (colugo) or even one of the rainforest’s many flying squirrels (red giant or pygmy) in their natural habitat.
  • Travel through the rainforest without the convenience of an easy path
  • Experience the majestic symphony of sound of the virgin rainforest

Description :
Tour Start : 1700 hrs (5.00pm)   |   Duration : 3 hours

The Mat Chinchang Rainforest are filled with the chorus of song birds, insects and other wildlife. The mystery of the unseen and unknown can hardly be greater than at night in virgin tropical rainforest.

This activity similar Jungle Trekking with proper trail and guided tour will offer good experience and exercise walk into the primary rainforest.

No forest journey can be judge completely without an experience in the rainforest of  Langkawi before and after dark. Join our Nature Guide for Rainforest Night Discovery and let him unfold the many Secrets that our rainforest offer.


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