Sampan Tour
Slider-1 Sampan
Our friendly Geo-Park guide will share with you the history and lifestyle of local fishermen, ancient mangrove forests and unique forest and rock formation between land and sea.
Highlights :

  • Guided tour by walk through Geopark Trail from Geoforest area to mangrove ecosystem
  • Experience your first paddling experience with the Sampan
  • Enjoy sights of beautiful sand stone and limestone that formed more than 400 million years ago.

Description :

Tour Start : 0900 hrs (9.00am)  |  Duration : 3 hours

Experience your fist paddling experience with the Sampan surrounded by beautiful mangrove river.

Travel back in time by visiting abandon Charcoal factor which was believed to exist more than a century ago. The dome-shaped charcoal factory was built by the Siamese in the early days.

Explore our beautiful cave with thousand bats in Gua Pinang’s limestone formation. Witness the evidence of higher ancient sea levels with the presence thick shell banks on 25 meter above the present sea level. (various type of marine shell, mostly bivalves).

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